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Meet Nancy


My strongest artistic influences have been the Impressionists. They were the first to rebel against the traditional model of realism, giving permission to break the rules to all that followed. I express my independence with the application of conte, charcoal, acrylics, oils and pen and ink. I've earned the personal and professional freedom from the obligations that we all share. This reality encourages me to approach my craft with youthful curiosity as well as a willingness to learn...blended with adult sensitivity and a deep respect for the disciplined detail essential for creation.

Nancy Gordon

Nancy Gordon has had the pleasure of a long and meandering career. She majored in Fashion Design at Moore College of Art and Design. Her career and life took her on a different path, and she began to explore painting. Nancy enjoys taking classes at Fleisher Art Memorial, PAFA, and Wayne Art Center. She has participated in several Student Shows, both at Fleisher and Wayne Art Center, winning prizes in Drawing, Figure, and Abstract painting over the years.

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